Skin health: Inside out

There are many factors can affect the skin health. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that facial complexion and the skin are reflections of the function of the internal organs. For instance, a pale complexion or dry or prematurely aged skin reflects the internal disharmony, such as digestive intolerances, hormone changes or oxidative stress.

Our internal status is affected by seasons, environmental factors, our emotion, lifestyle an / or pre-existing diseases; therefore the skin health is also impacted by those many factors.

We know that a dry or hot environment can dehydrate skin, leading to dry or aging skin. Such dryness in Chinese medicine could be related to the Lung. So people with chronic respiratory conditions often has dry skin and pale complexion. Constant anxiety or fear often leads to drier and darker skin, in particular under the eyes. Anger or excessive consumption of alcohol builds up heat in the body, and disturbs the Liver in Chinese medicine, which leads to pimples or skin rashes.  Poor diet with frequent consumption of fast food, or worrying and overthinking, interferes with nutrient absorption, leading to a sallow complexion and tired looking skin.

Jade Facial Massage
Jade Facial Massage


So skin health is really an inside out issue. To rejuvenate skin health, we must use Chinese medicine diagnostic skills and knowledge to identify and assess any internal imbalance within an individual, explore potential causing factors, then develop treatment plans to address those internal disharmonies. At the same time, we will apply therapies to the skin and face to address the external appearance and skin health.

To improve skin health, at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic, we commonly use facial acupuncture, body acupuncture, and facial massage. Additional medicinal herbs can be used to address more severely version of internal disharmonies. Of course we will provide personalised advice to improve general health ad wellbeing, as we know skin is a business about inside out.