Stress & emotional issues treatment, Geelong

How Chinese medicine understands stress, emotion and health

Stress is a common phenomenon with life. Emotional disturbance is our common reaction to stress. Chinese medicine understands emotions are one of the leading causes of health issues and diseases and our practitioners provide a variety of treatments for stress and emotional issues, including Chinese medicine in Geelong for women’s health and fertility problems.

Some causes of diseases, such as weather change,  flu virus or food poisoning for example, can be avoided by taking preventative measures and keeping away from those causes. Emotion, however, is with you and within you  24/7, and it directly impacts on your body function.  You might notice that your head hurts when you face a conflicting situation; you have shortness of breath when feeling sad;  you have poor appetite or loss of sleep when you are worried about something. Those physical discomforts explain the close integration between body and mind and emotion.

Similarly, a dysfunctional body could also evoke an emotional response. Pain could lead to depression and poor sleep is often associated with anxiety, which is why the Chinese medicine and treatment for sleep problems at our Geelong clinic incorporates a holistic all-of-body approach.

Chinese medicine sees the body and mind as one, inseparable, and that each affects the other. The symbiosis between body and mind is integral to how we approach the treatment of emotional issues and stress at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Approaches to stress and emotional issues at our Geelong clinic

Because of the close interaction between mind and body, Chinese medicine treats both the body and mind to address stress and emotional issues.

We will treat the impact of emotions on your body as well as calm your mind to produce therapeutic effects.  We will work with other health practitioners, such as your psychologist, psychiatrist or GP, to help you. The ultimate goal is to help you regain the sense of peace and wellbeing to produce long-term results.

Based on Chinese medicine diagnosis, our practitioners in Geelong use acupuncture treatments to:

  • Calm your mind, which we call Shen, to produce the sense of peace;
  • Reduce physical discomfort associated with emotion and stress such as headache, sleep disturbance, heart palpitation, tight chest, indigestion, fatigue, etc.

Chinese herbal medicine is also used to strengthen the results. We will provide “take home” treatments so that you can continue with the treatment effects and gain some sense of control. We will also provide advice on lifestyle changes to enable you to self-manage for long-term results.

Common emotional issues we treat

  • Emotional stress
  • Anxiety / Fear
  • Depressive mood
  • Over worry

Common physical symptoms associated with stress and emotions

  • Headache or Dizziness
  • Bodily pain
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Indigestion
  • Heart palpitation
  • Increased or reduced bowel motion

Please contact our clinic for a range of Chinese medicine treatments, including resolving sleep problems and women’s health and fertility treatments in Geelong.