Services at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic

At Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic, we see each person as an individual because each of us has different constitutions and past history. We develop personalised treatment plans for each person to achieve the long-term result.

Our approaches are

  • Individual focused. You are at the centre of our practice. We are here to help relieve your pain and illnesses and achieve your goal
  • Facilitate individuals to the road to wellbeing
  • Restore the balance between physical and mental health: Chinese medicine sees the mind and body are a unit. Without a healthy body, one cannot have clarity and peace in their mind. A balanced physical and mental health is the ultimate wellbeing.
  • Advise on preventative measures: Zhi Wei Bin 治未病 (Treat before one being ill) is one of key principles of Chinese medicine. We will provide you with advice on diet, exercise and life style to achieve long-term effect and to prevent illness.
  • Environmentally conscious: All of our herbs are plant or mineral based. We do not use any endogenous spices.
  • Collaborative, multi-disciplinary: No one form of medicine will solve all health problems. We appreciate in some cases a multi-disciplinary approach is needed. The clinic is located in a multi-disciplinary centre where we have regular communication with other health professionals, including medical doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, podiatrists, psychologists and massage therapists. Such communication enables us to form a team of multidisciplinary care drawing the strengths from different forms of medicine.

Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic services

Putting you at the centre of our practice, at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic we take a holistic approach to your health and well-being, with services to boost your mind-spirit-body connection for optimum function, happiness, peace and clarity of mind.

As well as traditional acupuncture, our Chinese medicine practitioners are skilled in laser acupuncture, electroacupuncture and other non-invasive treatments, such as cupping, moxibustion and the art of Qigong.