Geelong Chinese medicine to aid digestive problems

In Chinese medicine, good gut health and digestion contributes to overall good health, contentment, hardiness and happiness. While good digestion aids optimum body function, digestion problems can lead to a range of health concerns, as well as affecting everyday life and leading to feelings of melancholy.

If you frequently suffer from stomach aches, bowel troubles or find that certain foods cause indigestion, we at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic can help identify the underlying cause and provide natural remedies. The Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines at our Geelong clinic can help relieve symptoms of poor digestion and boost digestive function.

Traditional Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to treating digestive problems, looking closely at the way your digestive network functions.

If there is an imbalance or issue in any one of your organs, the entire network becomes disrupted.

Common signs that can indicate digestive issues in Chinese medicine

A Chinese medicine practitioner knows how to find the issue. There are common signs that suggest poor digestive health, including:

Hair and nail health

Poor nail health can indicate an inability to absorb and digest nutrients from food.

Tongue and mouth

The appearance of different sections of the tongue is directly linked to organs in the digestive network. The colour, shape and size of the tongue can tell a Chinese medicine practitioner important information about the function of particular organs, while ulcerations, coatings on the tongue and visibility of blood vessels can reveal information about digestion and absorption in the digestive tract, as well as indicate food intolerances.

Choosing the right herbs and foods for improved digestion

In Chinese medicine, a healthy and balanced diet is vital for good gut health – and promotes overall well-being, optimism and clarity. Over-eating, under-eating or eating foods with low nutritional value leads to Qi Stagnation and Food Accumulation and feelings of hunger or discomfit after eating.

Chinese herbs and our Geelong acupuncture treatments can relieve a wide range of digestion problems and discomfort, including:

  • burping and hiccups
  • nausea and vomiting
  • feeling full after eating
  • bloating, flatulence and constipation
  • loose bowel movements
  • indigestion and heartburn.

To try and prevent digestive issues in the first place, it’s important to choose a healthy diet. A healthy diet changes depending on each person, and also incorporates lifestyle decisions. Our Chinese medical practitioners can recommend tips to improve gut health and boost digestion, including:

  • eat as much local and organic produce as possible
  • eat according to the environment and season
  • establish a pattern for when you eat meals and stick to a regular eating schedule – both over-eating and under-eating put stress on the digestive network
  • sit down to eat and avoid distractions such as the television
  • ensure you chew your food thoroughly
  • eat small portions throughout the day and do not skip meals.