What to expect at your Geelong Chinese Medicine appointment

What To Expect?

Your first appointment will be 60 minutes, including a 30-minute consultation and 30-minute treatment session (if you have acupuncture treatment). This will enable us to establish a solid history and have a good understanding of your condition.

Follow up appointment will be 30 minutes in most case and can be 45 minutes in other cases.

Your First Appointment

Once you make your first appointment, prior to your first visit, you may want to write down your health history, including surgeries, injuries, allergies and medications you are on. Please also write down how the current problem was developed and how it has been investigated and treated. Please bring the information to your first appointment.

Recommendations For Your Acupuncture Appointments

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes that roll up to knees and elbows, or are easily removable.
Do not come for acupuncture treatments on an empty stomach / too full a stomach or having consumed drugs or alcohol.

Consultation And Treatment

Chinese medicine or acupuncture consultation inquires many aspects of your life, such as sleeping patterns, digestion, emotional state, diet, and lifestyle. Unique to Chinese medicine diagnosis, your tongue and pulse may be examined, and areas of concern may be palpated.

Once a Chinese medicine diagnosis is made, we will develop the treatment plan with you that is most suitable to your situation. The treatment could be acupuncture alone, herbal medicine alone or a combination of both.

Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns at any time.

Prognosis, Follow Up Consultation And Frequency Of Treatment

The prognosis, and the amount and frequency of your treatment depend largely on the severity of your health condition and how long it has been a problem.

Generally 1-2 acupuncture treatment sessions per week for 3-4 weeks are required to achieve a satisfactory result for acute problems. For chronic problems, it often requires weekly or fortnightly treatment over some months for progressive results.

With Chinese herbal medicine, formulas to restore chronic conditions may require weeks or months of use, whereas formulas for acute colds, cough or digestive problem can show positive results within a few days.

While you may gain immediate benefits even after one treatment, progress in health conditions is usually measured over a course of treatments, which involves 4-10 treatment sessions. This is done to ensure:

  • Sufficient time and treatment is given to see a beneficial change.
  • The beneficial changes are progressing and are measurable.
  • Enough treatment is given to consolidate beneficial changes.

Follow up appointment is often 30 minutes including a short consultation to check any arising issues and treatment.