What we treat

What do we treat

Chinese Medicine understands that good health relies on the restoration and maintenance of normal function, and focuses on the prevention of illness as well as treatment. We use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Chinese medicine wisdom to improve your symptoms and address the causes.
The commonest conditions that we treat and produce effective results are:

  • Pain: various joint and muscle pains, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain
  • Anxiety, sleep problems, foggy brain
  • Women’s health: fertility, irregular periods, peri-menopausal syndrome,
  • Headache: migraine and tension type of headaches

We use Chinese medicine principles and theories to diagnose and treat a wide range conditions, including

  • Various joint and muscle pains: arthritis, injury, neck pain (wry neck, osteoarthritis in the neck), back pain (injury , muscle spasm, arthritis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, disc problem), shoulder pain (tendinopathy, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder), elbow pain (tennis elbow, golf elbow), hip pain (bursitis in the hip, hip tendinopathy), knee pain (knee arthritis, baker’s cyst, patellar-femoral syndrome), sciatica, foot pain (plantar fasciitis, neuroma in foot, achilles tendinopathy, spur in foot)
  • Various types of headache: tension-type headache, migraine, cervicogenic headache
  • Woman’s health: period pain, irregular menstruation, menopause, pre-menstrual tension, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Fertility preparation & pregnancy support: infertility, pre- and post- natal support, morning sickness, breech babies, labour preparation
  • Mental and emotional issues: stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping difficulties, poor memory, foggy brain
  • Respiratory: colds / flu, cough, re-current cough, sinusitis, hay fever, rhinitis, asthma
  • Digestive dysfunction: reflux, bloatingness, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis
  • Energy and vitality imbalances: fatigue, fibromyalgia,
  • General health: weak immune system, illness prevention, improving well being

For a further listing of conditions commonly treated by Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, please see lists the AACMA official website (click on the links below).

Conditions suitable for acupuncture treatment
Conditions suitable for Chinese herbal medicine treatments