Laser, electrical & other needle-free acupuncture, Geelong

Needle-free acupuncture and other techniques

As well as offering traditional Chinese acupuncture at our Geelong clinic, our practitioners also provide a range of needle-free treatments, including electrical acupuncture and laser acupuncture. Needle-free acupuncture is a popular and effective choice of treatment for those who are afraid of needles and complements the range of traditional Chinese medicine at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Electrical acupuncture

Also known as electro acupuncture, electrical acupuncture involves the use of weak electrical stimulation to enhance therapeutic effects. It has been proven to be particularly effective for painful conditions.

Laser acupuncture

This is another form of needle-free acupuncture and involves the use of low-power laser beams on acupuncture points in the body. Laser acupuncture has proven effectiveness for a wide range of conditions.

Ear (Auricular) acupressure

This is your “take away” treatment. We tape ear seeds onto your ear. The seeds can be in place for up to one week. This will enhance and prolong the effect of acupuncture.

Whether it’s illness, disease, discomfort or pain, Chinese medicine in Geelong is our expertise. Please contact Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic to find out more about our range of services and treatments or to book an appointment.

Non-invasive Chinese medicine

At Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic, we offer various non-invasive treatments. Each treatment is based on a person’s unique symptoms and needs. We believe in taking a holistic approach to your health, combining the use of Chinese herbs and treatments to restore your body’s natural harmony and promote overall well-being.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on your mind-body-spirit connection. All aspects must be synchronised and working in harmony for optimal health and body function. There are many different treatment options available to help restore various functions of the mind and body, including a range of non-invasive acupuncture and related therapies.

Gua Sha

Commonly used to treat muscle pain and tension, gua sha is an alternative massage therapy that involves scraping skin to increase blood flow and boost circulation.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the uninterrupted flow of Qi through the body is vital for health and wellness. Gua sha addresses stagnant Qi to reduce inflammation and promote healing.