Treatment principles used to support fertility in Chinese medicine

In the previous blog Fertility support in Chinese medicine, we talked about the importance of taking basal body temperature (BBT). Today I would like to briefly introduce the treatment principles used by practitioners in the Geelong Chinese medicine clinic to support fertility. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), regulating menstruation is very important in treating infertility as early, late or irregular periods can affect the ovulation timing (Liang, 2017). There are four phases of the menstrual cycle in TCM, and different treatment principles are given in each phase (Xia, 2009). 


Phase 1: Menstrual bleeding period.

It is important to move blood circulation and resolve blood stasis in this phase. To make it easer to understand, we aim to “clean the house” so the earth is soft and fertile, in a condition that is ideal for planting (Liang, 2017; Xia, 2009). 


Phase 2: Post menstruation.

It is the right time to boost blood and essence and prmopt mature follicles in this phase. Just like a farmer adding fertilizer to the soil so the seed can grow (Liang, 2017; Xia, 2009).


Phase 3: Ovulation time.

We focus on stimulating ovulation and dilating fallopian tubes in this phase. We are ‘unblocking’ the traffic so the trucks that carry seeds can get through smoothly when the soil is ready (Liang, 2017; Xia, 2009). 


Phase 4: Post Ovulation (pre-menstruation).

We give acupunture or herbal treatments to strengthen the vital qi, warm the kidney and regulate the digestive systems in this phase. It is like the time when the farmers cultivate the crops, while still providing sufficient sun exposure and rain water (Liang, 2017; Xia, 2009). 


It can be stressful and exciting at the same time when you are trying for a baby.  If you need help, come to our Geelong Chinese medicine clinic for a consultation.  We will make an individulised plan according to your own condition. Normally, we suggest 3 months (weekly visit) as one course treatment for fertility support . 

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