Qi Gong for Immunity

Qi Gong for Immunity

We talked about Qi Gong on our website.  Qi Gong is a form of exercise and self-care, and similar to Tai Chi, but it is gentler and is suitable for most people. There are many benefits of Qi Gong, including calming and enhancing the immunity. Please read our previous blogs on this topic and relevant research.

Here is a short Qi Gong session of 18 min that is specifically recorded by Master Liu to help people breath more deeply and strengthen the immunity. Master Liu is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage. He has 30 years teaching experience in China, Australia, Europe, and South America. He combines his expertise in Qi Gong tradition with knowledge of modern science, Eastern and Western culture, in his teaching of Qi Gong.

Two staff members of Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic, Paul Burns and Zhen Zheng, train under Master Liu. In March 2020, Paul received his Master Instructor certificate and Zhen received her Level 1 instructor certificate.

Key points of this Qi Gong session

  • Qi Gong is a gentle exercise. Movements are designed to flow. So be relaxed. Do not try too hard.
  • If you cannot stand for more than a few minutes, or if you are not stable on your feet, please sit down doing this exercise.
  • For beginners, please simply follow the movements and breath normally. Do not worry about when to breath in or breath out. Do not hold your breath. As you get familiar with the movement, you body will naturally synchronise the breathing with the movements. Our body is very intelligent.
  • Some movements maybe difficult for those who have neck pain, dizziness or shoulder pain. Do not push yourself. Work with your limit. Feel free to skip some movements. This is NOT a competition. So do not bend your neck back or forth too much, or do not raise your hands above the shoulders.

Important message  

Please prioritise self-isolation and hand hygiene. No other preventive measures work better than self-isolation and hand hygiene during a pandemic like COVID-19.  Let us remember those hospital staff who risk their safety to stay at work. What we can do is to stay at home to help them and to break the chain.

Video: Qi Gong to strengthen the immunity and keep you calm